expecting pink | University Place Maternity Photographer

I am in love with this session.

It was a real pleasure to meet Liz & her husband and celebrate with them their fourth baby, a little girl. Liz is just about as sweet as they come. What a beautiful mother to be. Doesn’t she just make it look effortless?! We had a wonderful time doing her maternity session and I can not wait to meet the rest of the family and that sweet baby girl.

Congratulations you two! I’ll see you again, soon! xo


over the moon | seattle area photographer | personal

We got some pretty special news this week.

Well, it would have been special either way of course. But!

After being in a house dominated by males I am just thrilled to be adding pink! The boys are pretty thrilled, too, in fact our middle guy was just certain from the beginning he was getting a sister. He was right! It’s completely wonderful to hear them refer to the baby now as “baby sister” …now to find a fitting name.

I didn’t really have any idea how I was going to share the gender news other than that most likely with a picture. After our appointment and finding out it was a girl this all came together. I have had my dress and hat for months, hoping it could be used in some way with my next pregnancy. It’s not maternity however and with baby #4 I am not getting any smaller, so using it at the reveal was the best option. 🙂

After the boys swim lessons we drove to the location and realized I had forgotten MY outfit. Figures, right?! So we drove back across town to home. We knew we were losing our light, so plan b location came into play (thankful my hubs had a great idea!)

and here you go. my husband captured my spur of the moment vision perfectly.

we are adding PINK!



she’s one | tacoma area family photographer

You might remember Dorothea. Just a year ago she was born more than two months premature and before that gave her mom and dad a run for their patience keeping Michelle on bedrest from about 15 weeks on. Her newborn session doesn’t see like a whole year ago but here she is one!

Congratulations Zane & Michelle for making it through wonderfully a pretty wild first year! What a sweet little girl baby D is becoming. xo

the stone family | tacoma area family photographer


well, it took three tries but we finally got some summer sunshine to make a perfect evening for photos.

meet the stone family.

they are so sweet and fun and the kids are little cuties! Emily now 4 was a great little model and Levi who is just about the age of my Grady was just about as busy and into pictures as most almost 2 year old boys. 🙂 But we came away with some great photos! It was wonderful to meet you (in person!) Christi and your cute family, too! Enjoy the peek and the rest will be on the way!

expecting pink | Seattle Area Maternity Photographer

Baby Emery is due in just a couple of weeks, though her mama looks like she is just carrying a basketball under there. 🙂 It was so fun to see Brandon & Chalee again, it’s been about a year since we did an anniversary session for them and here they are back and ready for baby!

Congratulations you two, looking forward to seeing you again, soon!

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