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Elle is four months old! How fast the time has flown by. My time is over of using the excuse “I just had a baby…” I suppose, though a fellow friend of four reminded me that I still have got the excuse, “I have four children” and I plan to use it! 😉

One thing that we are happy for is school is nearing the end, hallelujah! This poor girl will get some decent daytime sleep around here. 🙂 She has been such a trooper with being woken up and carted back and forth to school three times a day (back and forth which makes six trips! yikes!)

We have done four months four times now (wow!) but it has yet to look like this. This is the first time it’s been in a sweet girly style and we are loving it. Yesterday I thought I would take advantage of our mostly home day and do some four month pictures and it wasn’t long before the brothers who were home wanted to join in. After we got back from the last pick up of the day I figured a new sibling pic was maybe a good idea, it is Mother’s Day week after all. 🙂

All three boys were sitting by now and starting to eat solid foods and drooling over our plates and rolling over long ago, but miss Elle is taking it all at her own pace and yet to do these things. And I am okay with that. No rush…last babies bring new perspective that is for sure. Being the first girl of four really proves so many differences but also wow what a difference it is from going through it all with our first to now. So different in our thoughts and practices. Growth is good for mom and dad, too. 🙂 There are just some things that can happen, do happen with life with your first (and maybe second) that life just doesnt allow for beyond that. The more children you have the more flexibility that comes, the more you cherish and hold onto, the more you can fit in in a 20 minute period than ever before! ha! When you used to find yourself so busy with the first…boy does the perspective change by four!

and! I don’t know if I ever appreciated my husband as much as I do now. I need his help and am thankful he gives it willingly and often without asking. … no way could I do what I do without his help and support.

Cheers to four months which does include sleeping most the night straight thru, lots of giggles, big smiles & sweet snuggles \\ grabbing at things, pulling her shirt or dress up and straight to the mouth\\ she plays with her hair as she falls asleep \\ she has found her toes a couple of times and I am sure that will just be perfected in the coming weeks \\  she still sleeps with her arms up! \\ and best yet, we are over the colicky witching hour, whoohoo!

I love it all.

Here are  a few favorites.








May 7, 2014 - 3:10 pm

Peyton-Leigh - Oh my goodness!! The cuteness times four!! Love, love, LOVE the pic of all of them together!

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