miss elle | one month | tacoma newborn lifestyle photographer

minutes have turned to hours, hours turned to days, days to weeks and now we have had our miss elle for a whole month! someone tell me where this time has gone?! but I do think I know… it’s gone to lots of snuggles, gushing, picking out frilly socks and ruffle bottomed things, bows and kisses, managing a home with 4 kdidos and life!! it’s been a good, very good month. and to celebrate her one month-birthday today she gave us her first official coos. you just can’t beat a baby’s coos and kicking legs! love it so much.

miss elle! as she is so often referred to around here.. it’s still hard to believe that we have a ‘she’ around here! a few of my friends who have 3+ boys, ending with a girl, say that the awe of it all can last a little while…and the shock is still in full effect. 🙂

I wanted to capture elle during her special week of turning 4 weeks/one month, so earlier this week I did just that. I seem to always have someone around when I am feeding, wanting to snuggle her or snap her picture. Mom is having to do lots of sharing around here. 😉 But that is okay. I love that the boys love their sister and have welcomed her with so much sweetness. and I do love to capture that on my camera. So, since the big boys were at school, it was Grady that joined us this day.

So, what has she been up to this past month!?

~she does NOT like a wet diaper. this is most often why she might be a little upset for life. simple fix, I like that! (her biggest brother Coleson was the very same and an easy potty trainer…let’s keep our fingers crossed she follows suit!)

~she has been a great eater from the very beginning

~she loves to snuggle up to your neck

~she makes the sweetest noises when she sleeps. almost a purr…noises the boys never made

~sleeps with her arms up

~ we have found a pacifier that she will take. funny enough, we have an ultrasound shot of her sucking her thumb but she has yet to do so

~takes a bottle from her brothers like a champ

~doing wonderfully on a routine and naps regularly throughout the day and has slept up to 5 hours at night at a time (though, most often does a 3 hour and then 4 or 5 hour chunk) dont get me wrong, we still have our challenges and oh do we ever have very normal growth spurts along the way! but routine is good!

~she cluster feeds in the mornings which can make getting ready for the day tricky amongst school drop off! but thats getting better & farther apart…whew!

~follows our voices and faces

~given out a few responsive smiles

~the coos are beginning!

happy one month miss elle. love you sweet girl.


C o n t a c t   I n f o
R e c e n t   P o s t s
F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m